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Don’t waste your time on unverified recipe sources

All our recipes were tried and tested and sourced from professional chefs. At each recipe you can be sure to try something that was already proven – many times.

We take care of food sensitivities and dietary preferences

Lactose- or gluten free? Vegetarian or vegan? We have recipes for all sensitivities and dietary preferences.


Introduce more veggies in a tasty way into your diet

One key challenge parents face is the unwillingness to eat vegetables. Therefore we have included tried and tested, supertasty plant-based recipes that for sure bring you success and appreciation.

Cooking is a game

Our app was designed specifically to engage the young generation with gamified recipes all of the family can enjoy. Earn points and badges, check how your friends are doing and become the master chef of your community!


what our clients say

“The meals are really great!”

“We liked the instructions and the warm-up games”

“It was inspiring and fun”

“My child is a bit shy so it was great we did not have to switch on the camera, this way he was enjoying it and was fully engaged”

“My meat-eating family tried out plant-based foods for the first time!”

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We are looking for adventurous beta testers who would try our app and report any errors they find.

What we offer: early access to our best recipes designed for us by pro chefs.